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Common Bach Mouthpieces


Depth Medium
Diameter 16.20mm
Medium wide, lowered toward the outside. Medium sharp inside. Well rounded edge with a perfect grip.
Probably the most widely used model in the world. Its brilliant tone is preferred by school musicians and by artists

Medium wide, well rounded toward the inside and outside, fairly flat.
For players with a strong embouchure who do not like a sharp edge. The tone is lively and rich.

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About Rosin

Why do I need rosin?

Because rosin is sticky.  When you apply rosin to the hairs of your bow and draw the bow across the strings of your violin (or viola, cello or bass) the rosin grips the string and tugs at it.  The bow keeps moving and the string snaps back to its original position and is caught again by the rosin on the hair and the cycle is repeated.  This happens very, very quickly.  In the case of your A-string 440 times per second.  If a bow’s hair has never been rosined it will not grip and the hair just slides over the string and you hear nothing. Continue reading

Famous Trumpet Players and the Mouthpieces They Use

Many people find out what mouthpiece their favorite player use run out and get one for themselves. Everybody is different physically and so this almost always ends in disappointment. But it is still fun to see what they use.

Louis Armstrong: 7C Leblanc France and others Selmer, Schilke, Giardinelli, Bach
Eric Aubier: Bach 1 1/2C
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Gibson L-48 1954 Archtop

Gibson L-48 Gibson L-48 Gibson L-48

1954 GIBSON L-48 ARCHTOP – SERIAL NUMBER X7383-18 – All Original, no cracks or dents.  Few scratches and vintage checking. 

Gibson introduced the L-48 Hollow Body F Hole Acoustic Archtop in 1946. Production stopped in 1970.

– arched mahogany top, f-holes, raised black pickguard, bound body, mahogany back/sides/neck, 14/19-fret rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlay, adjustable rosewood bridge/trapeze tailpiece, blackface peghead with screened logo, three-per-side tuners, available in Cremona Brown Sunburst finish, mfg. 1946-1970.

A few early instruments have spruce tops, trapezoid fingerboard inlay. In 1952, spruce top, maple back, mahogany sides replaced original part/design. In 1957, mahogany top replaced previous part/design, some instruments found with mahogany back also.

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