Why Music Matters

According to Dr. Nina Kraus

According to Dr. Nina Kraus’s work with the Harmony Project, students who are involved in music are not only more likely to graduate high school, but also attend college as well.

Kraus N., Slater J., Thompson E.C., Hornickel J., Strait D.L., Nicol T. & White-Schwoch T. (2014), “Auditory learning through active engagement with sound: Biological impact   NAMM Foundation

Cuts to music programs are detrimental to student success

83% of teachers and 73% of parents do not see music education as a luxury, and believe that cuts to music programs are detrimental to student success.

“Striking a Chord: The Public’s Hopes and Beliefs for K-12 Music Education in the United States 2015”   NAMM Foundation